Findhorn Ecovillage

On this episode, we’re talking about an ecovillage in Scotland. There won’t be any maniacal cult leaders or rattlesnake bites on this one, but there will be fairies, nature spirits, failed guru takeovers, and meditation in the public toilet at an RV park.

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It started as a drug rehab program, morphed into a utopian community, and finally went out in a blaze of violence, abuse and fraud. Yeah.  Shaved heads, The Game, rattlesnakes, and dope fiends!

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Welcome to Failed Utopia. This is a podcast about utopian ideas and paradise lost. We look at utopian concepts from the past, present and future, as well as utopian societies and communes, which promise the world to eager followers but inevitably fail when it all starts to unravel. Some of these utopias just fall apart, while others devolve into true horrors and even brutal cults. I’ll break down what these groups’ leaders were thinking, what attracted their devotees in the first place, and how it all went wrong.

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