Biosphere 2

On this episode, the fascinating story of Biosphere 2, the largest closed ecological system ever created… or, how eight people went nuts and almost starved in a vivarium for humans.

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Helicon Home Colony

The Helicon Home Colony was the brainchild of the renowned author and muckraking journalist Upton Sinclair. It lasted less than 6 months and went down in a literal blaze. “We stood in the snow and watched our beautiful utopia flame and roar, until it crashed in and died away to a dull glow.”

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Theranos Update (Fraud Trial & Verdict for Elizabeth Holmes)

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Updates on the verdict in the trial of former Theranos founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, including charges, sentencing, appeal, Ramesh Sunny Balwani’s upcoming trial on the same charges, and more.

Full Theranos explainer episode:

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Marshall Islands

Picture a chain of tropical islands with white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, breathtaking sunsets, palm trees swaying in a tropical breeze, and a culturally rich population of native people fishing the bountiful waters of their homeland as they have for generations. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Maybe even the closest we’ve ever gotten to an actual utopia. But there are a couple of problems.

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Today, Elizabeth Holmes testifies in her own defense in a trial for criminal charges stemming from the collapse of the company she infamously founded, Theranos. The startup claiming to revolutionize the medical industry, and at one point valued at $9 billion, went down in a blaze of allegations of fraud as one of the worst disasters in Silicon Valley history. What went wrong?

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Love Has Won UPDATES (5D Full Disclosure)

This is an update about Love Has Won, now known as 5D Full Disclosure. I have a bunch of new information for you guys, and there have been some developments in this case. Today I’ll be updating you on the criminal cases related to the discovery of Amy Carlson’s body, some things that aired recently in a special on Dateline NBC, what the group is up to now, and my personal experience getting etheric surgery by Mother God from the fifth dimension. Yes, I got psychic surgery from a deceased cult leader.

If you haven’t listened to my first episode about Love Has Won, you’re going to want to go and listen to that first because you need the background information. That was episode 18 of Failed Utopia, which aired on May 25th. Link: Failed Utopia Episode 18: Love Has Won.

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Vampire Clan (Rod Ferrell)

Vampire lore has fascinated humans for centuries, starting as far back as the Greeks. From Nosferatu and Dracula to Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire and Stephanie Meyers’ breakout Twilight series, everybody loves a good vampire story. But way before team Edward and team Jacob, a much less attractive teen was taking the vampire thing way too far.

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Earth: Climate Crisis Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous Earth: Climate Crisis episode. Renewable energy, pros and cons of nuclear, geoengineering, why carbon emissions will rise for the foreseeable future, climate vs. economics, and more.

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Earth: Climate Crisis Part 1

Planet Earth is a utopia for human life in the cosmos. But how much longer will it stay that way? Scientists say we are running out of time to avert climate catastrophe.

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