Did Donald Trump create a #MAGA utopia during his presidency? What’s the deal with QAnon? Is Trumpism a cult? Trigger warning: reality

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Heaven’s Gate

UFOs, Jesus, meat suits, Ti and Do, Luciferians, the Human Evolutionary Level, spading under, Star Trek . . . oh, and the largest mass suicide ever to take place on American soil. It’s Heaven’s Gate.

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Gloriavale is a fundamentalist Christian cult in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Not only do they observe some strange practices but they also face decades worth of accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and violence. They still operate today with about 500 members.

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Oneida Community

What do you think of when you hear “free-love commune”? If you’re an American like me, I’m guessing you’re thinking 1960s or 70s alternative communities and hippies, not devout Christians in the 1800s. Today we’re talking about the Oneida Community—the only cult that turned itself into a silverware company.

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Bonus Episode: Jonestown Survivors

This is a bonus episode that builds on the previous episodes Jonestown Parts 1 and 2. This will make more sense if you finish those two episodes first. 

So much of the research I did for those episodes didn’t make it into the final cut. So today I’m giving you a little bonus content–what you could consider the silver lining: those who survived and those who tried to save the lives of others.

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